Lemoniade Elegant sweatshirt Moteriška suknelė L293

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Beautiful sweatshirt Moteriška suknelė, which will fit for everyday stylization. The form of the Moteriška suknelė adds elegance, thanks to which it will also be suitable for more formal meetings. The Moteriška suknelė has a V-formos iškirptė, this form lengthens ir slims the figure. Around the neckline there is a delicate collar, thanks to this sweatshirt Moteriška suknelė looks extraordinarily ir more elegantly. At the waist, we have an interesting bond that emphasizes the figure ir adds charm.

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Megztinis Moteriška suknelė is a great choice for spring ir summer, Moteriška suknelė will fit into everyday styling, comfort ir style is a perfect combination for women who like to look good in every situation.

The model is 172 cm tall ir wears size S.

  S M L XL
Bendras ilgis cm 96 96 96 96
Krūtinės apimtis cm 2x52 2x54 2x56 2x58
Juosmens plotis cm 2x32-42 2x34-44 2x36-46 2x38-48
Klubų plotis cm 2x67 2x69 2x71 2x73
95% Medvilnė, 5% Elastanas